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  1. Limit the Bullet points on your slides
    Keep the size of your bullet list to under 8 items. If you need more, split your bullet points across two slides.

  2. Don't make your PowerPoint Fonts too big
    Heading text is usually a point size of 30-40 points. Body text is between 16-32 points.

  3. Fonts Have Feelings
    Use fonts that are easy to read and suit your subject matter. Sans-serfi fonts such as Arial, Helvetica, and Verdana, are great for screen use and readibility. Times New Roman, Garamond, and other serif fonts were not designed for screen legibility but for print, and can be difficult to read on a computer monitor or projection screen.

  4. Keep your PowerPoint slides simple and easy to read
    Many presenters make the mistake of cramming of much content onto each slide to minimize the number of slides in a presentation. Each slide should be concise, and consist of summarized text and graphics where necessary. It is better to increase the number of slides in your presentation than it is to increase the amount of content on each PowerPoint slide. Making your content easier for your audience to digest and for you to present.

  5. Be wary of clipart
    Many presenters use clipart because it is free. But remember clip art is available to everyone and someone seeing your presentation may have seen one or more of the clip art graphics or items in a different presentaton before. Using unique PowerPoint and presentation media resources such as photos, images, sound effects, music loops, and PowerPoint templates which are unique to your presentation is a vital means of assuring credibility with your presentation.

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